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Origin & History

The Evolution of the FIRODIA HOSTEL

Shri Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain (SS Jain) Conference, which was earlier operating a hostel for college students in Pune in a rented place, purchased this property on 12th March 1941, for the Vidyalaya -to create an elaborate "Boarding" facility for students.

Shri Kundanmalji Sobhachandji Firodia-Ahmednagar
Deevan Bahadur, Shri Motilalji Balmukundji Mutha-Satara
Shri Velji Lakhamasey Nappu-Bombay
Shri Virchandbhai Meghjibhai- Bombay

were the trustees of the SS Jain Conference, who signed the documents to acquire this property. This property was later entrusted to the Jain Education Society (JES), Bombay, for constructing the "Vidyalaya". The JES completed the building construction, and Diwan Bahadur Shri Motilalji Mutha inaugurated the building on 11-12-1949. It had the capacity of housing 60 students.

In 1965, upon the request of the Jain Education Society, Bombay, who faced difficulties to operate the hostel, the Firodia Family accepted to take over the hostel. And under the guidance of late Shri N.K. Firodia, the late Shri H K Firodia started to oversee the administration of the "Vidyalaya".

The Jain Education Society (JES), Bombay, considered it desirable to transfer the said land and Vidyalaya to a newly formed body - The Maharashtra Jain Education Society (MJES), Pune. The transfer took place on 30th January 1985.

Shri N K Firodia, Shri H K Firodia, Shri U B Pokarna, Shri. M.B.Bhandari, Shri.K.L.Munot, Shri.C.D.Katariya, Shri.M.B.Bhatevara, Shri. L.C.Mutha, Shri.C.D.Gugalia, Shri.U.K.Pungaliya were the founder trustees of the Maharashtra Jain Education Society. The hostel was renamed as the "Firodia Hostel". Shri N.K. Firodia was Chairman of the Committee.

The "Firodia Hostel", MJES, with monies donated from the Trusts of the Firodia Family, under the guidance of Shri N.K. Firodia undertook major expansion, reconstruction and renovation work - for which the hostel was closed down in 1994-95. The sanitary blocks were re-constructed. New library hall, assembly hall, superintendent's quarters, etc. were constructed.

In 1997, Shri Abhay Firodia took up the Chairmanship and appointed a managing committee consisting of Shri U K Pungaliya, Shri Kantilalji Chuttar, Shri Pradeep Munot, Shri Abhay Munot, Shri.Sanjay Chopada. A major modernization and transformation took place in 1998. The rooms and all facilities were fully revamped. New bunk beds, steel cupboards, study tables, chairs, clothes drying stands, and modern fixtures and fitting greatly changed not only the look, but mainly the utility of the hostel. A dormitory section was added. In 2000 a Community Hall & 2 flats were constructed on higher floors of the office building. In 2001, new and modern mess equipment, and utensils, etc. were procured. Again in 2002-03 a major renovation of the entire hostel flooring and toilet blocks was undertaken. To overcome frequent electricity failures and load shedding, causing disturbance to students especially during exam seasons, a full capacity generator set was installed & water purifiers were provided in 2005. The Dormitory was renovated, computers for the students were purchased, and Electrical backup to improve the efficiency of solar water heaters during monsoon season were installed in 2006.

During the Centenary Year 2011 of late Shri N.K. Firodia, major renovation work was carried out throughout the institute. The hostel was upgraded further, the rooms were re-furnished, the mess was modernized, all the electrical wiring and plumbing lines were replaced / renovated. The auditorium was fully renovated and refurnished. The entire estate (compound, parking spaces, play areas, etc.) was developed. It was paved. A modern security surveillance system has been put in place. Today the FIRODIA HOSTEL is well-known for the quality of its infrastructure, the appropriateness of its facilities, the healthy and sumptuous food it serves and above all for the care, attention and support provided to students. During the summer break of 2015, a new facility - of a well appointed study area - with internet connections - is being created.