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Admission process for year 2024-2025 has been started from 2024-06-21. In case you have filled your application form before specified date, please refill and submit.


  1. Prescribed application forms has to be filled up online.
  2. The Management reserves the right to reject admission without giving any reason whatsoever.
  3. The term of the hostel will be from 1st July to 30th April.
  4. The application for admission will not be considered unless hostel fees along with Security Deposit is paid.
  5. t the time of admission the student will be interviewed in presence of parents / local guardian with all necessary documents, such as Mark List, leaving/ Transfer certificate, College fees receipt, Bank payment details. Medical Certificate should be produced in original.

mode of payment

If payment made by the DD/Cheque/NEFT then it is mandatory to deposit DD/Cheque/NEFT with system generated payment slip as per following procedure.

  1. Issue a DD/Cheque/NEFT in the favor of "Maharashtra Jain Education Society" payable at Pune.
  2. Fill the details of DD/Cheque/NEFT in payment column.
  3. Take the printout of system generated payment slip .
  4. Deposit DD/Cheque/NEFT with system generated payment slip at the nearest HDFC Bank.

safe custody of money and valuables

  1. Students are advised not to keep ornaments, jewellery or other valuables and large amounts of cash with them.
  2. Hostel is not responsible for loss of any valuables or money. The guardians are requested to advice the ward accordingly.
  3. Students shall take care of their Cell phone, Wristwatch etc.

leave or balance

  1. Students are expected to return to their room by 10:30 pm on weekdays and on Sunday by 12:00 am.
  2. Students who desire to stay out for a longer period should seek a late night permission from the rector before going.
  3. "Self Service" system shall be strictly maintained and students have to follow general rules prescribed.


  1. Only vegetarian food will be served in the mess of the hostel.
  2. Timings for the meals will be Breakfast 7:00 am to 8:30 am, Lunch 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and Dinner 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
  3. Students going to their native place /some other places should submit leave applications to the rector before going.


  1. All students must adhere to the timings of the mess.
  2. Students are strictly forbidden from taking utensils, crockery, cutlery etc. to their rooms.
  3. Meals will not be taken in students room, unless permitted by Rector due to ill health of occupant.
  4. Students unable to return to hostel for lunch may avail tiffing facility with prior permission.

hostel living

  1. Students should clean their rooms daily along with furniture.
  2. Students must have their beds done properly before 8:00 am every day.
  3. Students should keep bathrooms and toilets clean.
  4. Students unable to return to hostel for lunch may avail tiffing facility with prior permission.
  5. No student should leave his room without being properly dressed.
  6. Students will stay in the rooms allotted to them and not change without the permission of the rector.
  7. Students should ensure that the lights and fans are switched off before they leave the room. No other appliances are permitted in the room. If any electrical gadgets are found in the room then the same will be confiscated and fine minimum of ₹ 1,000/- will be levied.
  8. Fixing of nails, sticking of posters on walls is not permitted. Any damages to the walls/property of the hostel, the charges for same, will be recovered from occupants of the room.
  9. Sweepings and paper pieces should be thrown in dust bins provided in rooms and dispose it off in larger bins provided on each floor.
  10. Spitting on walls / hostel premises is strictly prohibited. Any student found spitting on walls / hostel premises shall be fined ₹ 500/- for every misconduct and students are likely to beexpelled from the hostel as a disciplinary action.
  11. The Hostel authorities or the Rector has full right to enter and inspect the hostel rooms at any given point of time.
  12. Stickers for two wheeler of the students - Stickers will be issued to all students having two wheeler after producing vehicle registration document and driving licence by the students. Vehicles without sticker will not be allowed to park in the Hostel Premises. If the vehicle used by students is on his relative's name then a authority letter of his relative should be produced. Use of helmet is compulsory.
  13. Four wheeler of students will not be allowed in the hostel, as there is no parking place for student.
  14. Continuing Students should present themselves in Blazer's at the time of interview.
  15. I cards - All Students should carry their I card with them all the time even when they are in hostel premises and should be produced immediately whenever the hostel authority demands which kindly make a note.
  16. Medical Fitness Certificate - All students wanting to seek admission to Firodia Hostel will strictly get their medical fitness certificate only from the Hostel appointed medical officer Dr. Namita Sharma.


  1. All students must adhere to the timings of the mess.
  2. Visitors can meet the residents at the allocated place and will not be allowed to enter the building, unless permitted by Rector.


  1. Students should maintain silence / discipline and at the same time should maintain the decorum in the hostel and ensure that they do not disturb other students by their activities.

staff and service

  1. Hostel mess staff and security personnel should be treated with due courtesy and their services should not be utilized for personal work.

refund of hostel fees

Sr.No Particulars Hostel Fees Deposit Remark
1. Admission not taken 100% 100%
2. Stay in Hostel till 14th July 75% 100% Damages caused to Hostel Property if any will be deducted from refund payable
3. Stay in Hostel till 31st July 60% 100% Damages caused to Hostel Property if any will be deducted from refund payable
4. Student leaving Hostel on or after 1st August No Refund 100% Damages caused to Hostel Property if any will be deducted from refund payable


  1. Any claim of Refund as per the above chart should be submitted by the student in writing within a week from the date the student vacates the Hostel after giving charge of room to the Rector.
  2. Refund claim will be settled at the discretion of the Hostel Authorities.
  3. The Security Deposit will be refunded, subject to deduction if any, as per rules. The student should preserve the receipts of Security Deposit, without which the refund will not be effected.


Every student is supposed to voluntarily and wholeheartedly participate in the running and maintenance of hostel activities. The students will be given an opportunity to work on various committees. Kindly mention the committees you would like to participate in application form.

  • Mess,
  • Sports,
  • Culture Events,
  • Garden,
  • Infrastructure
  • Medical

The managing committee might depute the student to work on the committee other than the preferred ones as mentioned above, in the larger interest of the hostel.

suggestion / complaints

Complaints regarding food, services or any other hostel related matter should be submitted in writing to the rector.

suggestion / complaints

  1. The Management may change or amend any of these rules at any time without any notice. Student will be deemed to have read these rules and deemed to have agreed to be bound by them.
  2. Normally the hostel term will be over after 30th April and all students are expected to vacate the hostel by 30th April. Those who wishes to stay beyond 30th April, for the examination should make an application within 10 days prior to the end of academic year by paying vacation charges for that period.Management reserves the right to grant a permission to such application.
  3. A student who does not reside in the hostel for a continuous period of 15 days without prior permission of the Rector or without communicating a valid/ satisfactory reason, will be deemed to be not needing the hostel accommodation. In such case the seat alloted to him will be given to another needy student. A written communication in this matter will be sent to the Parent/ local guardian and it is expected that they take away all the belongings of the student kept in his room and cupboard within 7 days. If they fail to do so then the cupboard lock will be broken and all the belongings of the student will be disposed off.
  4. Any student who is found to have made false information or submitted forge documents in his application to seek admission shall vacate immediately after he is asked to do so. The security deposit will be forfeited and Hostel fees shall be not be refunded.
  5. The decision of the Management will be final in all matters concerning to the hostel admission.
  6. For the purpose of discipline and convenience of the management, the Rector has the right and authority to change the room previously allotted to a student even during the term.
  7. Students should check the rooms at the time of allotment and should immediately report any discrepancies/ damages noted. Similarly the students have to ensure proper handing over of the rooms. Damages to hostel properly will be recovered from students.
  8. Attendance of all students is compulsory for hostel meetings and other activities of the hostel.
  9. It is mandatory for every student to attend all the pro grammes organized in the hostel as per the dress code of the hostel.

zero tolerance

  1. All of the below incidents or situation fall under zero tolerance : a. Students engaging, promoting, participating in burning firecrackers. b. Students found vandalizing the Hostel properly for e.g. Celebrating Birthday, Holi etc.
  2. Students found under influence or possession of Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Non-vegetarian food or any such similar items.
  3. Students found not complying with rules & regulations of hostel and is found indulging in indiscipline ragging or misconduct.
  4. All such issues and incidents that are under ZERO tolerance and will result into an immediate termination of their residency at the Hostel. Security deposit will be forfeited and No fees will be refunded.
  5. Once expelled, Student will have to vacate and leave the Hostel permanently with immediate effect.
  6. Termination of such student will be communicate to his College & Parents/LG's. The management has the right to change any of the above rules at any time without any notice. The students are deemed to have read these rules and demand to agree to bind by them.
  7. Management will have the right to inspect each & every room periodically.
  8. All students must clean their room properly on a daily basis and ensure that it does not look untidy at any given point of time.
  9. Students whose rooms are found unclean, dirty, messy, scattered will be expelled from the Hostel and their fees will be forfeited which please make a note.

I hereby declare that I have read all rules and regulations and shall abide by them.